071_09_07_13_25#F27BWhole family treatment with homeopathy, Bach Flowers and NAET® can start to really transform families, helping with both physical health and an increased sense of contentment and well being. Families tell me that coming to appointments together can help build a feeling of cohesiveness and commitment.

To further support parents and children with the emotional and psychological aspects of family communication I am a PresentChild® Translator. It has been found that if we are able to really observe our children’s behaviour before reacting to it we can really get to know ourselves. Children show us precisely what is needed for us to be able to reach our full potential and in this way become loving, strong people and balanced parents.

176871930I recommend that for the PresentChild® process to work most effectively, parents who find their child’s behaviour or illness difficult come on their own for a series of three consultations spread over a 2 month period. Feedback I have received so far from clients has been that the process is very supportive and nurturing. There is no need to prepare anything in advance of the consultations, just an openness to the process is all that is required.

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