What is Bach Flower Therapy?

071_09_07_13_39#9F22Bach Flower Therapy is named after Dr. Edward Bach, whose research led to its development in England in the 1930′s. I use this treatment to help create balance and harmony because I feel it complements the other therapies I use. This is because it specifically addresses the emotional body of the energy system. Most people have heard of ‘Rescue Remedy’ which was developed by Dr Edward Bach, and many people carry a bottle of this around with them.

071_09_07_13_42#B224Bach flowers are a gentle yet profound form of energy medicine. I have found them really useful with adults, children and animals as they can gently support anxiety and emotions such as frustration, anger, fear and jealousy. A Bach Flower “Remedy” consists of water that has been patterned with the energetic vibrations of the different flowers Dr Bach discovered as part of his therapy, preserved in a little alcohol. I will give you a mixture of one of these 38 flowers in a small bottle which you can either drop directly onto your tongue, or you can put into any drinks. If you prefer I can arrange to have the remedies made up into a sugar pill.

071_09_07_13_41#9F60Bach flowers are different from homeopathy in that they are not diluted and prepared in the same way. Often you take them a little differently to your homeopathic remedies as I usually suggest that they are taken four times a day, more frequently if you or your animal is feeling very anxious or out of balance.

Dr Bach always intended his flower remedies to be used by individuals without necessarily going to a practitioner. I therefore feel it is an important part of the process that during the appointment I explain to you why I have chosen specific flower essence(s) for you. The advantages of seeing a practitioner is that talking through the issue can sometimes really clarify what is going on for you, thereby giving both of us the opportunity to select the correct combination of remedies to promote a sense of well-being. However, another aim of the consultation is to help you learn yourself about the potential for using the remedies for yourself and your family.

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