Elder Hall1When you arrive  please park on the gravel sweep and you will find my office in a log cabin next to the swimming pool in the garden. We have two dogs who may greet you when you arrive, if you would prefer for me to shut them away just let me know in advance.

The log cabin is self-contained with a meeting room, a treatment room and bathroom. In the summer we will meet in a marquee.

Before coming to your appointment I will send on some forms for you to fill in before your appointment. You can either send the forms back via email or to bring them with you. Please also bring with you a list of any medications you are on and also any vaccination records. I have a COVID 19 policy which I will give you to read before you come for your appointment. As I hold personal data about you as part of my practice I have to inform you about the steps I have taken to follow the regulation.

In 2018 new General Data Protection Regulation came into force. Here is my statement on why I hold data on you.

I hold data on you so I can give you the best treatment as your complementary health practitioner, contact you if I need to and with your prior consent share the data with other health professionals.

You have the following 7 rights over the personal data I hold about you. I have a plan for how to deal with any requests.
1. Right to be informed
2. Right of access
3. Right to rectification
4. Right to erasure
5. Right to restriction of processing
6. Right to data portability
7. Right to object

I have been registered with the ICO since 2012 as a Data Controller, Registration number:
Z3050163 See: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/Z3050163

Depending on your case initial appointments are one and a half hours to two hours long, subsequent appointments are usually one hour to one and a half hours long.

DriveMy fees are as follows:

Initial consultation is £60, subsequent appointments are £54 which includes all homeopathic and Bach flower remedies. Homeobotanical tinctures are not included in this price and are £25 and will last you for 5/6 weeks. If you require other supplements/creams you can either purchase these independently or I can arrange it for you.

For children under the age of 18 initial appointments are £52 with subsequent appointments House2at £45.

A package rate of £210 for three appointments is available for PresentChild® therapy. Each session usually lasts one and a half hours.

Family, student clinic and concession rates are also available.